Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Time Is Now

the time is now

i have for these almost sixty-three years
built this stage upon which
i am set to act

for this particular life formation
i have learned the photography
gathered the equipment
built the sawshop
the frameshop
and the gallery

it is time to do my craft
it is time to devote my days
not to more photoshoots
though special ones
will come along
not to the gathering
of tens of thousands
of more images
but to the work
to the editing
to the hours working and reworking images
to the framemaking
to the artisan's handiwork
to the dust mask upon my face
and my clothes covered in shavings of wood
to cutting the glass
to assembling the frame

the time is now
it is eternal preparation
and no culmination
all dressed for the party
but unable to walk out the door

the time is now