Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Great Night!

Hello you who have come here.  Thank you.  I haven't journaled in a long time.  Tonight was a very special night, and I feel like writing.

Allow me to frame the changes in my life just a bit.  Thirteen years ago I left the ministry, the church, and my first marriage.  Since then I have remarried, moved from teaching to counseling in public education, retired, and moved from 30 years in San Francisco to a small mountain community near Santa Cruz, California.

Three and a half years now after retirement, I have created a new life as a photographer.  Tonight I had a show opening, my 18th I believe, in a little over two years.  It is a fine art nude figure photography exhibit, featuring 25 images.  For the first time I came home tonight encouraged.  More people than ever came out.  The place buzzed all evening.  Lots of good friends came by, and folks from previous shows.  There was lots of good energy, and sales were encouraging as well.  It felt like a party.

A young man asked where I saw myself with my photography in 5 years.  Great question.  I replied that I saw myself focusing even more on only the very best of my images, and being recognized for my photography.  Tonight felt like a wonderful piece of that.  It is growing.  And I am encouraged.

Thank you Janis and Amy for hosting my photography, now for a fourth time.  You have been with me from the beginning.  You have seen me grow as a photographer and welcomed my work, from erotic photography, now abandoned, to the fine art images that are now my vision.

And I thank each of you who read this.  Below you will find one of the images from my latest show.    It's title: "Indigenous" - Be sure to click on it.  I hope you enjoy it.  I'll try not to wait so long to journal again.

Peace, light, and love.