Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been a strange three or four days . . .

It's been a strange three or four days,

and yet, not bad.

The organizing thing for me has kicked into high gear,

from hanging files and category slots,

to getting back onto an electronic calendar,

something I haven't attempted in many years.

For the past three days I have been living my life

the way I want to be.

I have been organized, getting good rest,

eating well, even exercising,

and getting things done.

Then this afternoon

 I allowed myself to get stressed.

It was not fun.

And it's ok.

I have seen the way it can work,

and when it works well,

 when it works efficiently,

then everything else

has a chance to fall into place.
 Priorities can emerge

from thought and reflection.
 Focus can pave the way

to producing beautiful pieces of art.
 Time can allow it all

to actually have a chance of taking place. 
The difference, I believe, is intention.
 Do I live my life openly and spontaneously,

simply waking each day

 and letting come what may?

  Or do I plan it, and organize it,

 with intention?

  That is an important question.

  I don't have it fully answered.

  But I am pretty damn sure that it takes planning

 to avoid walking blindly

into things we should have seen coming.
 Some spurious thoughts to my friends

on this eve of New Year's Eve.

I love you,



  1. I am an organizer and planner extraordinaire. I live my life by my calendar. So, if I want to have a bit of fun, I have to let go of the "to do" list and let the day choose the activities... whimsically, openly.

    The trick for me, at the end of such a day, is to not feel bad because I didn't "accomplish" anything. I need to remember that having fun is an accomplishment all in itself!

  2. Great thoughts Frank...

    I really hearken to your point about 'intention'. In fact, it seems that without this, my own life, especially over the past several years, would have been a disaster! Intention has pointed my life in a direction that has more or less stayed the course. In the unruly and sometimes difficult winds, my life without my intention as a rudder would have blown hither and yon. This rudder has, however, proven a huge factor in keeping me on course.

    It also seems that in my life, intention has catalyzed manifestations seemingly on their own. Situations and material would come into being in part - I believe - through my simple willingness to keep my intention alive.

    The focus and priorities that you mention seem to go along with a contemplative and searching end to one cycle/year, and the beginning of a new one.

    Bless you Frank! May you and yours have a wonderful, safe holiday, and an extraordinary new year!

    Much love,

    Steve Serr