Thursday, February 12, 2009

It only makes sense to me . . .

It only makes sense to me
that life emerges wherever the conditions are right.

To think that some god
decides where life is going to happen
and where it is not
is absurd,
if you really think about it.

Any god there is,
any divine there is,
has to come from within.

If I offend you,
I ask you to excuse me.

but still
I need to say it.

If I'm wrong, you be the judge
I'm ok with that.

But just think about it -
The process of evolution
is the mechanism for it all.

That's where the energy comes from
from the genes and cells and chemicals
that make up this universe.

But even the inside can be misunderstood
and false gods can be set up.

When a god becomes intentional,
some entity deciding what is good
and what is to be created,
then we have moved into fantasy.

It just is what it is.

The energy of life
can just be so much fun!

I finished an online course today,
and I have another tomorrow.
I live in the redwoods.
I am retired.
I am in love
with Joyce.
I do and love photography,
and am beginning the development
of a professional artistic photo site.

Life is good.

But it is not good for everyone.
There is friggin' pain in this world,
inflicted every second of every day
by unthinking or foolish or mean people.

Life is not guaranteed
to turn out good.
It takes work on all our parts
to make it happen.

We could end life as we know it on this planet,
but as I have said before,
it already has and will continue to emerge
wherever conditions are right
in many places in this universe.

Which brings me back to where I began.

Life emerges wherever conditions are right.
It really cannot be any other way.

And where does that leave us?
Simply with the fact
that you and I
have consciousness.
We are the recipients
of the gift of life.

We need to take the biggest advantage
of having this gift.

Had my father not saved me in that river
I would not be here,
and my sons would not be here.

But we are here.
We are all here.

And as my mom would say,
we just need to love,
and not give up to those who would laugh
at such a suggestion.

It IS all about love
and there are many ways that lead to love
many paths.
When sincere and honest and loving hearts
focus their attention on anything,
change can happen.

We just have to have more people seeing it the same way.
Enough of that happened to elect a new president

but we get lazy.

Prius sales went down when the price of gas went down.
We are so shortsighted,
and I do mean we.

The problems will have to get bad enough
and consistent enough
before we will truly pull ourselves together.

It took George Bush
to elect Barack Obama.
It had to get that bad.

I think the gifted people
are the people who can maintain
a steadiness of purpose
and energy
and commitment,
even when the pressure is off.

Who can be role-models for the rest of us
who wait until it is way too clear
to truly act.

What a damn sermon.
A dear friend called me preachy
ten years plus since I left the ministry.

I guess I am.
You don't have to buy a word
of what I am saying.
That's ok with me,
but I cannot stop myself
from saying it.

I love you all,


(On the 200th Anniversary
of the birth
of Charles Darwin)

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