Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hi good folks,

I must admit that the last couple of days have been a big processing time for me, but I I have gotten my "mojo" back and am flowing again with my figure photography.  I am trying new techniques with my editing and am beginning to see that I need to create ALL kinds of different images for ALL different kinds of folks.  Here's one of my latest, called "Constellations."  (what do you see in the stars? . . :o)


At first, I felt like I was kind of "selling out" to take my real life, beautiful, realistic female figure photo images and convert them into images that are more "artistic" and palatable to the public, but the more I work with my images and create different kinds of looks, the more I realize that this is not only what people may be more comfortable with, but is also something that I feel more creative and artistic with!  Whatever!

Isn't life a trip?!  Always evolving, always changing, always staying on the edge of creativity and finding yourself!

Love ya!


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