Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thoughts on our Country

There is in this country a tumultuous struggle taking place.  In many other countries it is visible in much more raw and visible ways, strikes, riots, mayors of Mexican towns being killed in broad daylight, armed conflict in the streets.  In this country it is usually visible in much more "sophisticated," subtle, and political ways, but the struggle is no less tumultuous.  The future of this country is at stake.  In what direction will we prevail, the direction of fear and hatred and bigotry, moving the agenda backwards to satisfy the powerful, the rich, and the entrenched, or forward with the kind of change that empowers all beings with education, equality, housing, and health care.  We have spent unspeakable amounts of money on war and the war machine, we continue to give tax breaks to those who haven't even begun to pay their fair share, and yet when we even try to begin changing our priorities to those very inhabitants of our own country, we incur the wrath and venom of fear-mongers.  The Sarah Palins and Glenn Becks and John Boehners of this world will see no connection between this senseless act and their own gun toting, bullseye, militaristic language.  Shame on them, and shame on us if we do not repudiate their leadership and vote them out of office and boycott their networks and their advertisers.  America, we are at a crossroads.  What are we made of?  What direction shall we walk?

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