Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Time Is Now

the time is now

i have for these almost sixty-three years
built this stage upon which
i am set to act

for this particular life formation
i have learned the photography
gathered the equipment
built the sawshop
the frameshop
and the gallery

it is time to do my craft
it is time to devote my days
not to more photoshoots
though special ones
will come along
not to the gathering
of tens of thousands
of more images
but to the work
to the editing
to the hours working and reworking images
to the framemaking
to the artisan's handiwork
to the dust mask upon my face
and my clothes covered in shavings of wood
to cutting the glass
to assembling the frame

the time is now
it is eternal preparation
and no culmination
all dressed for the party
but unable to walk out the door

the time is now


  1. the time is definitely now! I love your inspirational words....xo

  2. Good Morning Frank,

    Well my "cold" slowed me down a bit and I found myself reading your blog... going back a few months, which stimulated some thinking on my part...which I love! Here are my thoughts.

    Oh, the below response is not directed to your most current blog...regarding this morning's post my response is "You go Frank!!!"

    Response to this years accumalated posts regarding human beliefs:

    It seems that there is this pivotal point in our lives, where we step back from who we were, take a long look, then step forward into who we are the interim who we are is in transition, which requires reflection and decisions regarding this - what from our past self still fits us and what does not? (this includes our friends).

    The mulling over part is full of potent, wise, powerful inquiry. I think inquiry is where the true growth comes from. Once we think we know, then we are stuck in a belief structure that once again confines us into a box of judgement.

    Of course their are things we can choose to know. I for intance know that I want to live a life of creative passion that continually teaches me. I know I want to live in joy with my partner and husband Steve. I know I want to step into the great mystery of life continually learning, evolving, inquiring. Damn... what an adventure that kind of life is for me!!! And I know I want an adventurous life, full of groundedness, peace, joy, laughter and GREAT FRIENDS. And knowing I want these things, requires me to face the pangs of my own growth and evolutionary process.

    I am blessed beyond words to have a friend such as you in my life! Thank you!


  3. yes, frank. how many times i have got all dressed up, but was unable to walk out that door. thanks for sharing your thought-provoking insights!! i will ponder the places where i am preparing and not living. i love you and really like who you are :)