Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Much to my surprise . . .

Much to my surprise, life has taken off on a roaring start again.

It began with an awareness that the submission deadline for Open Studios this year is the end of April.  So I've gotten a great start on coming up with ten of my best outdoor figure photos.

Then came an email from David, who had also worked in the photography studio of Trini Contreras, a good twenty-five years after I had.   Trini is now passed away and David had done a google search with Trini's name, and ended up finding me and my website.  He liked my work, we met yesterday, shared some great stories, and agreed for me to have a one-person show at his beauty salon/art gallery during the month of June.  Twenty-one framed images.  The very best from my lifetime.

And then, tomorrow night, most to my surprise, I am starting Level 2 Studies in Shamanic Practices.  I wasn't planning to do it, but I came to realize, despite any misgivings I might have, that I really liked myself a lot better during the seven weeks of Level 1 training.  There's been two weeks off now and I am ready.  I learned a lot during the first class, and I've learned a lot in the past two weeks.  I need to work on myself some more.  I had probably lost eight pounds.  I'm sure most of them are back on.  So it is time for health, rest, hard work, play, and growth.

Anyway, here's a few pictures that tell a short story of where things are right now:

The foyer, for the present time, is completed.  I didn't get the window seat built that we want.  In the meantime, two very special chairs to Joyce and me are serving quite well.

This is a picture of Trini Contreras on the left and George Lee on the right.  Both were incredibly wonderful men, and both mentors to me in learning photography as a teenager.  I was Trini's camera assistant and darkroom worker for a good two or three years.  Then I went to work at Webber's Camera Shop, where George was the manager.  His delight for photography and his infectious laughter are his hallmarks to me.  Now, forty-five years later, I have returned to the Santa Cruz area and am living in Ben Lomond, up in the mountains.  I have built my own saw shop,

frame making shop,

and photo gallery and studio.

Once again, it is time to go to work.  And it is good work.  It makes me happy to be able to use my brain with the computer and editing, my eyes with the taking of new images, and my hands with the sanding of wood and the construction of frames.  It is a great combination.  Picking the best images that I have taken in this lifetime and putting a show together.  How fun!  The next several months will be intense.  Just the way I like it! . . :o)

Thanks for getting here to the end.  I hope my journaling finds you well and happy.  If you have any thoughts in response, please feel free to email me.



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